“What does it matter if they take us for dreamers?” 

 M. Gandhi

An elevated house, an intimate poetry, a dream above each soil. A home that integrates the highest standards in all aspects: philosophical, design, aesthetic, constructive.

A multigenerational house that will continue to welcome all those who even in a distant future will want to live the timeless tale of the high and the discovery of the self.
You can start from one of our projects, fully customizable according to your wishes; or from your ideas that will become reality thanks to the experience of our team of architects.
A complete package that along with the house, instead of the support of a living tree, contemplates the realization of a tree metal structure, which gives a strong support for every kind of load.

The metal frame of the entire structure (house and tree) is in fact the added value of a concept that, starting from the language of the timeless and iconic fairy tree house, can be revisited in a futuristic, high tech, deluxe, sculptural, minimal way, or it can follow the design that suits you best or that is better for the space that you want to enhance.

All the aesthetic variants of the metal trunk that will be proposed will be eligible to hold every conceivable version of this enchanted nest. That elevates. That calls. That pushes up.



“Architecture should not be like sculpture. It must be sculpture”
F. Kiesler


“When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece”
J. Ruskin


“Rising not to overwhelm, but to help others to rise”
A. Voldben


“The real art of living consists in seeing the wonderful aspects of ordinary things”
P. S. Buck