Interior design

“The architecture is the physical expression of a way of being”

J. Pawson

Interiors designed to meet your needs and accompany you even beyond your fabulous expectations… to the top.


New Artic Nest


Here the total white is the star of an ethereal space and it envelops the space giving a limitless visual opening. The brightness softens into clean geometric lines and it becomes a composition that is relaxing and little equipped.
A minimalism that is easily customizable by those who dare with anomalies details, or who love vintage atmospheres, or want to value unique ethnic pieces or who want to color the space with touches of pop art.
White. For a glacial nest that is warmed by the surrounding nature and your eclectic touches.

“Nothing but the white to look after

A. Rimbaud

New Scandinavian Nest


A visual mix that combines light predominant colors together with strong chromatic details, even playing on the combination of materials.

The suspended Nordic atmospheres of this interior design have a strong character, but they never with down the setting. Hot and cold mix in a location that conveys an idea of tranquillity and understated harmony.

“Behind the mask of ice used by men there is a heart of fire”

P. Coelho

New Oriental Nest


Balanced lines combined with the use of darker colours fall into a philosophy of interiors which aims to give an order to energy.
The setting is dynamic but it has to channel the vitality and not to waste it, because it has to act on the psycho physical harmony of those who experience it.
Here the essentiality of oriental inspiration can be revisited in unlimited possibilities of expression.

“The first sign of a balanced mind is the ability to sit quiet in a place in harmony with your deep self”

L. A. Seneca

New Rustic Nest


The nest par excellence. It is cozy, with strong domestic connotations, sensory and visual warm.
The colors of the setting go from yellow to orange, touching all the shades of brown. The materials are simple and traditional and they are combined with rustic furniture that can be reinterpreted in new and modern ways.

“Home is where the heart is”

Plinio il Vecchio

New Country Nest


It conveys the atmosphere of the typical country house, here a refined simplicity is combined with the compositional skills of his inhabitants.
The colors are soft with details of floral shapes that are never too flashy and you can also give a more fashionable connotation. It reminds the past, colonizing the spaces until the most expressive and richly equipped variations.

“I must have flowers next to me, forever and ever”

C. Monet