Tourist accommodation

“You mustn’t give the customer what he wants, but what he has not even dreamed about and when he gets it, he understands that he had always desired it”

D. Lasdun

Unsurpassed investment

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The extraordinary boom of the tree houses and unusual houses in Europe and in the world in the field of tourism and hospitality has revealed a new way of travelling. A more authentic, more private, more personal, more peculiar way to feel. A market analysis confirmed data that can easily given also by tourism professionals. Hospitality in panoramic and elevated homes has an average occupancy of the 72% higher than a standard room in the same building.

In addition we have to consider that customers would pay a double or triple price compared to an ordinary room to stay in unusual lodgings (if you offer more, you can ask for more) and so the conclusion is simple: New Nest is an excellent investment.
It is time to establish a dialogue between those who desire and those who interpret this desire. It is impossible to go wrong.

The infinite potential of earning that can descend from one or more New Nest designed for various needs of your customers are linked to the irrepressible charm of the elevation, to a fairy tale desire. In fact you will not longer sell an accommodation but a parenthesis of fairy tale.

The cozy New Nest houses, with their spiritual charge and their sculptural expressiveness, will speak to the unconscious of your customers, entering into communication with their ancestral dreams and realizing them. In fact who hasn’t dreamed to sleep, eat, relax, live in the sky?

Raising the dreams of your customers: this is the goal of New Nest. Stand out with a New Nest to offer a privileged Elsewhere and make it available to everyone. Raise, dream, invest.


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Here are just some of the benefits of choosing New Nest:

  • exclusive uniqueness and distinction from competitors (exceptional improvement of the demand)
  • increase of a positive word of mouth and curiosity around the novelty (maximizing the return of visibility)
  • cpossibility to attract the trade press
  • improved ratings in trade portals (eg. Tripadvisor)
  • extraordinary visual impact of the new structure that will enhance any ground, garden or park or location
  • possibility to expand the available space for the customers and make it functional to new market demands (development of new special services such as spas on a tree, tasting in the agricultural field, restaurant for two…)

A New Nest, even more than the traditional treehouse, constitutes an attractive and distinctive offer and it will become an undeniable lure for the potential customers.

One certainty above all.

The centrality of the strong role linked to identity that gives New Nest, the new creative and emotional incentive and the sense of wonder that it awakens, respond to the innovative challenge of the creation of the value that is connected to the idea of living a dream. An unbeatable combination.

New Nest as a symbol of rebirth. For an activity to grow. To go high every day.



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New Nest is eternal.

New Nest is safe.

It requires no maintenance.

A traditional tree house, that is anchored and supported by the plant is not even comparable to a New Nest house. The tree grows, moves and needs continuous agricultural controls and technical adjustments to guarantee minimum security conditions for the tree and for the endurance of the house.

On the contrary New Nest is an architectural installation designed to last forever.
In fact, any variation of the metal arboreal trunk that you can choose as a support to your New Nest, will allow you to bypass all the obstacles related to the precariousness of a tree house anchored to a real plant in perpetual motion.

New Nest performances are very high from the point of view of safety (extreme robustness and efficiency of the metal, earthquake and fire warranty) and energy savings (excellent insulations).

The galvanized steel is the base of New Nest: this material is environment friendly, fire resistant, hygienic and eternal, considered that the galvanizing makes it resistant to rust or moisture.

There is an exclusive relationship between matter, space and time.


365 days

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The private and exclusive charm of elevation that you can live 365 days in a year, in a small nest that can become your shelter or a real home with all modern contorts, that will warm you during the magical winter snowfalls and relieve you from the summer stuffiness.

New Nest ensures a cozy nest at any temperature or weather conditions outside.

Each house will be studied for its context and you can enjoy it every day, whether you want to place it at the poles or the equator.

A show that airs every day.


100% made in Italy excellence


The New Nest creative enthusiasm is made tangible in every project.

The design of each New Nest realization conveys new suggestions, an excellent taste, scenic integration to the environment and sculptural image of strong aesthetic impact.

From the most futuristic forms to the most traditional ones, the passionate common denominator is the highly specialized production that gives a complete attention to every structure.

The Italian craftsmanship and the attention to every detail in the construction makes the difference compared to any other serial production.

Every New Nest is designed as a true work of art, 100% made in Italy, with a lot of attention to every detail, from the great finishing touches to the functional or aesthetic insertions.

The use of the best products on the market and especially 50 years of experience in commercial and residential buildings in metal are now at the service of the High, to create unique elevated structures, that are unrepeatable and unforgettable for those who will use them.

The New Nest treeless house is mainly made in the factory and then it is assembled on the different locations by our team, in this way there is a very short building time (in some cases it can even be completed in a few days).

The certainty of being able to have the best. To the top. To go up.


Unlimited uses


New Nest choice incorporates simultaneously many levels of meaning and gives endless possibilities of interpretation.

Possibilities that go for example from an elevated room where to accommodate clients in an unusual way, to the most aesthetic, technological and sensory expressions worthy of a deluxe suite.

From wonderful projects for a restaurant for two, to a magical space for wine tasting or a space to enjoy a sunset.

From a living area, to a wellness area equipped as the best spa in the world.

From a special place for meetings and presentations, to a magical place where you will even think to get married.
From a corner for photo shoots to a studio equipped for courses, initiatives or mini-events for little audiences.

From an elevated library to an art object for small exhibitions.

Shortly, the choice of placing one or more New Nest in the mountains, at the sea, near a lake, in the park of a castle, on the road of a skyscraper or in ecoresorts exclusively thought for tree houses will allow you to involve the potential audience into a world of values that tell your story. But in this way this story gets shared and it also becomes the story of the man who chooses to live the story of the High as a protagonist, even just for a night or for the time of a dinner.

The happy ending is assured for everyone.