“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life”

M. Twain

365 days


The private and exclusive charm of the elevation that you can live 365 days in a year, in a small nest that can become your shelter or a real home with all modern comforts, that will warm you during the magical winter snowfalls and relieve you from the summer stuffiness.

New Nest offers a cozy nest at any temperature or weather conditions outside. Each house is studied for its context and you can enjoy it every day, whether you want to place it at the poles or the equator.
A show that airs every day.


Beyond all boundaries


An elevated house where you can become part of the sky. Where you can contemplate the snow from a privileged point of view, where you can shelter from the rain lulled by is ticking, or where you can live in open spaces like terraces or patios though to inhabit the sky, making the most of the privilege of the height.

A new look to your horizon beyond all boundaries and a different approach to the time, both external and internal, without limitation and in total safety.

The experience of a panoramic contour too often ignored in terms of terrain and an exclusive contact with the natural environment are an excellent therapy for any soul.
Finally a soul that belongs to itself, to its more intimate dimension, in a nest where you can leave your authentic imprint.
To inhabit the sky, to recognize yourself, to breath the world.


Real green


If trees could choose, they would choose the New Nest “treeless” house.
Rediscover the potential of your garden by providing a New Nest structure, the green nest for excellence, without worrying about having the suitable tree to support a house.
The metal structure is earthquake proof and fire proof, it has the maximum durability without maintenance, the highest sustainability guaranteed by certified and ecological materials and a great efficiency in the steel work links.

The study of Bio architecture oriented projects gives the maximum of energy savings thanks to the construction technologies and the materials that can be integrated in all the implementations of alternative energies.
New Nest, the real green.


Beyond home

Golf Buca

New Nest is an easily accessible “elsewhere”, where you can do exactly what you need when you want.
New Nest can be seen as an extension of a domestic space: panoramic room for adults, playroom for children, house for guests, professional studio, sauna, a privileged place for reading, gym, office, listening room or rehearsals room, cinema, private room.

Or as an additional house, perhaps for children who wish to remain close to the family origin.
To become masters of a life at high altitude.


For rampant children


The priceless magic of an extra-ordinary space to give to children, a theatre of emotions, a fairy tale that they can live in an extreme security. A suitable house for children that bypasses all dangers and allows them to play freely. In fact, in addition to a dedicated design, the New Nest houses can be supplemented by external and internal home automation systems of video surveillance to allow a remote control (also by phone or tablet).
Children can have a free interpretation of this space and the complicity is guaranteed for those who will be invited to climb.

An “up there” to play, paint, tell, eat, sleep, play or have a party with friends.
A New Nest tree house is an opportunity to give to your children (and to generations that will follow) indelible memories of a childhood that will have the special prerogative to elevate, to stimulate, to imagine, to observe, to appreciate, to change the point of view, to broaden their vision.
Advanced solutions, eternal guaranteed security and ideas to re-evaluate the authentic games of the past: climbing ropes, slides, perches, swings… with a look over the land.


100% made in Italy excellence


The New Nest creative enthusiasm is made tangible in every project.
The design of each New Nest realization conveys new suggestions, an excellent taste, scenic integration to the environment and sculptural image of strong aesthetic impact.
From the most futuristic forms to the most traditionalizes, the passionate common denominator is the highly specialized production that gives a complete attention to every structure.
The Italian craftsmanship and the attention to every detail in the construction makes the difference compared to any other serial production.
Every New Nest is designed as a true work of art, 100% made in Italy, with a lot of attention to every detail, from the great finishing touches to the functional or aesthetic insertions.
The use of the best products on the market and especially 50 years of experience in commercial and residential buildings in metal are now at the service of the High, to create unique elevated structures that are unrepeatable and unforgettable for those who will use them.

Nothing is left to the chance.
New Nest is the result of the meeting between the unsurpassed Italian tradition in craftsmanship and construction and the modern world of architectural design.
All the steps of the production (the structure, the coatings, the customization and the finishing touches) are followed by a tight quality control that gives the manual and attentive care of every detail, the transformation of the steel into a sculpture, the realization of an Italian handcrafted product with a superlative design and a maximum performance from every point of view. The passion, the specialization and the skill of each human figure used in the execution of a New Nest work are a guarantee of the excellence of the best Made in Italy. Just try it.

The New Nest treeless house is mainly made in the factory and then it is assembled on the different locations by our team, in this way there is a very short building time (in some cases it can even be completed in a few days).
The certainty of being able to have the best. To the top. To go up.