“Architecture should not be like sculpture. It must be sculpture”

F. Kiesler


“When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece”

J. Ruskin


“Rising not to overwhelm, but to help others to rise”

A. Voldben


“The real art of living consists in seeing the wonderful aspects of ordinary things”

P. S. Buck

“We should try to be happy, at least to give the example”

J. Prévert

A fabulous concept.

A concept that suggests, implies, represents, rises, amazes, reawakens, allude.
New Nest, a true elevated home, inspired by the concept of the tree house that doesn’t need to ask for a forced hospitality to a plant.
A dream of joy, accessible and achievable without conditions.

A special place, suspended between Earth and Sky; a multifunctional and multisensory net that is customizable in every way. A forefront microcosm for what concerns design, choice of materials, aesthetics, construction technologies, expressiveness. Towards the suggestive line of a high horizon that is in constant motion.

To live at the top. To bring out the happiness.